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Water Dreams Series 2005-2006, Two BoatsWater Dreams with CrossWater Dreams with House 2
Water Dreams with House and CrossWater Dreams #9Water Dreams Series 2005-2006 - Alone 3Water Dreams with Two Houses

Bicycle MemoriesBird WhisperDuck WhisperBird Whisper and Protector

Puppet 1Puppet 2Puppet 3
Childhood Dreams with Blue BunnyChildhood Dreams Two FiguresChildhood Dreams with HouseChildhood Dreams - Memories
Eight BallTeddy and the Goldfish
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In my latest collection

of new paintings and

sculptures the characters

seem to come alive as

guides through their

journey of survival of

life and its spiritual

other worlds.

They are layered between

memory, love, loss, and

hope - as if the guide

knows that life is a dance

of risk, and courage is

not the lack of fear

but the mastery of it.

D'Agostino Studios
1440 Light Street, Baltimore, MD 21230
ph 410.419.8740 - fax 410.727.6871

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